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Explore TrueTrack's advanced trademark watch services, now including Instant Trademark Opposition Search and Automatic Bulk Monitoring, tailored for legal professionals. We empower law firms to efficiently safeguard their clients' intellectual property. Click below for instant searches or request a trial for comprehensive bulk monitoring.

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Instant trademark watch software pricing starts at 1,999 999 / month.

Our Objective

TrueTrack is at the forefront of transforming how law firms interact with trademark journals. Our innovative approach minimizes the complexity of monitoring, providing law firms with state-of-the-art tools to track and oppose trademark registrations efficiently.

By integrating our affordable trademark alert systems and robust trademark monitoring subscriptions, we not only streamline your daily operations but also enable proactive protection of intellectual property rights.


Automatically reports similar published trademarks. Quality results in quick time automatically.


Save time

Losing days every week on manually reviewing trademark journals is counter-productive. We process the same work with high accuracy in minutes.


Simple yet comprehensive searches. We run various algorithms automagically to ensure that you only get highly relevant results.



To err is human. We take the error out of the process and uncover quality results everytime.


  • Access from anywhere

    TrueTrack is not tied to a system in office. You can access your results anywhere via internet.

  • Modify tracking list instantly

    You don't have to wait for months to add or delete trademarks you want to track. Do it yourself instantly as and when you want.

  • Single search for all result types

    Every search on Truetrack automatically includes multiple search types and provides exact match, containing, phonetic and similarity search results in a single search.


About TrueTrack opposition watch tool

TrueTrack delivers specialized trademark monitoring software designed specifically for law firms. Our platform is engineered to streamline the process of monitoring trademark journals, providing automated alerts for potential conflicts directly from the Indian Trademark Office's weekly gazettes. TrueTrack’s software is adept at uncovering identical and similar trademarks using advanced search techniques, including phonetic, similarity, and misspelling searches, to generate a comprehensive set of results without repetitive searches.

At TrueTrack, we are committed to enhancing the efficiency of IP management within law firms. Our solutions minimize human error and save time by automating the tracking and opposition of trademarks, allowing firms to focus on expanding their services and optimizing their trademark opposition offerings. Many leading trademark, IP, and corporate law firms rely on TrueTrack to provide quality trademark watch services, enabling them to protect their clients’ trademarks effectively and grow their practices.

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    Comprehensive Trademark Monitoring Solutions at TrueTrack

    At TrueTrack, we enhance the efficiency of monitoring trademark journals and managing oppositions in India with our specialized trademark watch software. Our system is meticulously designed to minimize the effort required in tracking and identifying potential trademark infringements.

    • Efficient Trademark Journal Search: Leveraging advanced search functionalities, our platform simplifies navigating extensive databases of trademark journals published weekly. This is crucial for keeping track of new and potentially conflicting trademark applications.

    • Image Search Capability: Our software includes a feature that optimizes the extraction and consolidation of images from trademark journals with the corresponding text in the image, addressing the challenge of identifying logos and visual trademarks. This capability significantly speeds up the process of reviewing potential trademark conflicts.

    • Streamlined Infringement Watch: TrueTrack’s service goes beyond tracking; it provides instant search results and periodic, automated comprehensive reports to keep you ahead of potential infringements.

    In addition to these established features, we offer:

    • Advanced Monitoring Capabilities: Utilize our state-of-the-art technology to monitor conflicting trademark publications, with notifications and reports that keep you informed of any developments.

    • Cost-Effective Solutions: We provide competitively priced services that offer the best value, ensuring access to top-tier monitoring without exceeding your budget. Explore our transparent trademark alert system pricing for more details. Trademark monitoring software price starts at competitive price of 999 per month in India for on demand searches; and 2,999 per month for automated & bulk search reports.

    • Subscription-Based Services: Our subscription-based trademark monitoring provides continuous, hassle-free updates on trademark applications and oppositions, ideal for law firms seeking a systematic approach to intellectual property management.

    • Client-Centric Approach: We tailor our services to meet the unique operational needs of each law firm, enhancing your legal services with precise tracking and insights.

    • Reliable Support: Known for exceptional customer service, our team is always ready to assist with any queries or provide support, ensuring effective use of our tools.

    TrueTrack is your reliable partner in trademark monitoring, offering comprehensive solutions that empower law firms to protect and manage their clients' intellectual property effectively. Enhance your capabilities and ensure diligent monitoring and robust defense of trademarks with TrueTrack.